Real talk about SAFETY

Real talk about SAFETY: Watch out for drunks that run out into the street. For the most part, bystanders are cheerful and supportive offering high-fives, but some cross the line looking to cop a feel or slap your ass. Even a bad high-five can knock you over, and we've seen many people take a spill after contact with bystanders.

If you are NOT an accomplished urban cyclist ready to mix it up with the public, STICK TO THE CENTER of the ride.

If you have the physical ability and desire to bump ugly with bystanders, ride along the edges and help keep the crowds from pushing into the street.

The ride is forced to stop for traffic jams, which leaves us vulnerable balancing on top of bikes. If approached at a stop, it can help to dismount your bike and use it as a shield.

Use your voices to shout down a creep in progress, stick together and support each other!