Planning for Ride Day

We start and end the ride in the near west side industrial zone. The area has open lots big enough for a few thousand people to gather, and it allows us a little bit of privacy to summon up the courage to get naked and face the public. It's like our bat cave, and everyone knows you never announce where the bat cave is.

6-8pm Gathering:
On Friday, we will announce a check-in location near the gathering spot. We will start accepting people at 6pm Saturday. If you show up to the check-in spot without a bike, skates/boards, or really awesome running shoes, we will NOT tell you where the bat cave is. Human powered transport is where it's at, but we totally understand some people need an electric motor for assistance. Just don't bring a gas powered bike or anything, we'll ask you to leave.

Metra & Amtrack - First, thanks for not driving! Second, both Ogilvie & Union stations are less than a mile from the check-in location. The ride leaves at 8pm, so make sure you arrive before 7:30pm to give yourself time.

CTA - You can take a bike on a bus or train! Halsted bus is a great North/South connector, and there are a few El stops on the near west side (Grand, Clinton, UIC Halsted, Morgan).

Ride Ends 11:30pm(ish):
After we pass through Wicker Park, the ride is pretty much over, so if you need to catch a midnight train, you should stop when we head south on Damen, get dressed, and take Milwaukee Avenue south and make your way to Clinton Street.

After Ride Decomp:
The ride will end 3 miles west of where we started. We do not have enough space for bicycles in the after ride hangout, so find a place to lock up and walk over. DO NOT lock up to ANYTHING on Metra property before or after the ride (unless it's a legit bike rack.) We'll have a portable restroom, and water will be available to re-hydrate.

If you do not want to join the after ride hangout, the area is remote enough to provide people space and time to get dressed and figure out what's next, just do not block the street and alleyways, and stay off of residential property.

Just because the areas we congregate in look trashy, doesn't mean you get a license to trash our place. Clean up after yourself and each other, we threaten the future of ride by leaving trash behind and pissing off the neighbors. If you see someone causing a problem, call them out, we all need to be caretakers of this ride.