• GlitterGuts - Way fun.
  • Commemorative map
  • Bike Salute photo set.
  • YouTube - "Moments from WNBRC" - 8:31 (brilliant short documentary)
    By umc4
  • YouTube - ANDREW's iPhone compilation - 4:41
    Compilation of three short videos from my iPhone. Low res and low frame rate, but it's something, and has some major fun moments. By Andrew Bedno
  • YouTube - The HD Experience - 10:09
    "On June 12, 2010, bicyclists gathered for a clothing optional ride to advocate the power of the pedal in decreasing our dependency on oil, both foreign and domestic. They also railed against BP and its oil spill. Some of them did it without a stitch of clothing; all of them did it without a drop of gasoline." With titling and music. By goateeqt
  • YouTube - Riding Compilation - 2:54
    By synrgii
  • YouTube - At Fullerton /Ashland/Clybourn BP - 3:04
    "As the riders sail by, circling and ridiculing the BP station there. No, they are not all in the buff but a good many are, more than in prior years. CPD ensured the safety of the ride by escorting and blocking off major intersections." By someonehasposted
  • YouTube - Last big Intersection - 0:28
    By goateeqt
  • YouTube - Search for "naked bike chicago 2010"
  • Flikr - BikeWithMike's set
    7 pages comprehensively including after, during, and before. By BikeWithMike
  • Flikr - Chicago Imaging Solutions - set 1, 2, 3
    By Chicago Imaging Solutions
  • Flikr - Shadows Of Hyperion
    88 exquisite shots by Ronald Hale
  • Flikr - Mikey Brick's set
    48 photos, during ride. By Mikey Brick
  • Flikr - Arty Nudes
    38 nice shots by calbinator73
  • Flikr - Low Light Set
    94 photos by spectator matinthehatt
  • Flikr - WNBRC 2010
    20 photos by spectator kelvin planck
  • Flikr - Mark2400's photostream
    16 photos by Mark 2400
  • Scenes from the annual Chicago Naked Bike Ride
    28 photos by Awesome Barb on ChicagoNow

  • Watermarked best resolution local copy.Original on FLikr.

    Courtesy of Chicago Imaging Solutions