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World Naked Bike Ride Generalized but Specific How To Guide and Plan
Andrew Bedno - World Naked Bike Ride Chicago - 2009.01.20

The following is a generalized version of Chicago's annual production checklist for our running of the World Naked Bike Ride.

Since it has gotten rather long, I'll reiterate the absolute keys for first-timers:
  1. It helps if there's already a local Critical Mass ride (or burner or rat patrol communities).
  2. Commit. Being responsible may mean having less fun.
  3. Create Google group and get on main sites.
  4. Build a team, meet, and keep notes. You can't do it alone.
  5. Create good art, print and distribute flyers and posters.
  6. Publicize. Publicize. Publicize.
  7. Plan locations. Plan the route. Deal with the law.
  8. Make it happen.

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