1. Keep a slow pace, it's easy to get excited and start pedaling faster, but we need to stay together and not get stretched out.
  2. We don't need to blast through every red light. They're a great chance for the group to mass up, so we must stop every so often to allow the group to remain in a tighter formation.
  3. Avoid passing cars and swallowing them up in the ride. Drivers caught in bike masses tend to make erratic moves, so it's best to just stop behind a pack of cars and wait for them to move on.
  4. Stay out of the oncoming lane, we don't need both sides of the street and must leave room for emergency vehicles.
  5. If you have never been on a big group ride in Chicago see helpful tips from Critical Mass.
  6. SOUND BITES: (more slogans here)
    "Nude not Crude"
    "Less gas, more ass."
    "Naked is how vulnerable I am sharing the roads with cars."
    "Bikes don't block traffic, bikes ARE traffic"
    "Cars support terrorists."
    "Say no to oil."
    "Why are we riding bikes naked? Why aren't you?"
    "This is an annual free speech exercise promoting bicycling."
    "Bicyclists make better lovers!"