"The Sunday afternoon a week before WNBR-C6 pot-luck and donation drop-by social."

Sunday, June 7th, 2009:

Pot-luck, donation drop-off, music, chat, etc. Welcoming motivated people to help make this year even more amazing.
Bring ready to eat fruits, veggies, nuts, breads, other delights to share if you can.
Castle Bikenstein, 1551 W Chicago Ave, Chicago IL. Enter from alley just south of Chicago, just east of Ashland. Find door to stairs up to deck, bring bikes up. BYOB from Rothschild across the street.

• Cans of any bubbly beverages, dozens.
• Protein/carb bars/snax. Waters.
• Greenbacks. Other.

Evening recommendations:

Ladies Mass (fems only)
Meet at Daley Plaza, leave by 6:00pm. Over 2 miles from social by bike.

Full Moon Fire Jam
4950 N Simonds Dr Betwix Foster and Lawrence in grass near lake. Over 7 miles from plaza by bike.