• Photobooth by GlitterGuts : Several hundred brilliant consensual photos at the gathering.
  • Official Post-Ride Video : On the ride's Facebook page.
  • Rider Count video : Complete mass heading south on State by House of Blues.
  • Rider Count video : Complete mass after leaving rest stop.
  • Timeout Chicago : Great set by an embedded reporter.
  • Luke Haruki : A few dozen nice pics by a long-time rider.
  • Raf Winterpacht Photography : >300 great pics "taken from Fullerton and Halsted as the riders rode North towards Boystown, then again as the riders came around and rode south on Sheffield at Fullerton"
  • Chicago Sun Times : "The funniest Twitter reactions to Chicago‚Äôs annual World Naked Bike Ride"
  • Map Flyer : Full size printable commemorative, as distributed to riders.