Org Structure / Group Admin

Accumulated links and notes in pursuit of selecting a proven structure for event production organization and online / listserv admin and moderation procedures.


After some research my current perspective is that:

  1. Defining organizations structure is potentially complex and time consuming, arguably overkill, and puts us at risk of solidifying a hierarchy of responsibility were we ever come to the prosecutorial attention of city bureaucracy. But should we wish to pursue this, I believe a fairly standard board structure is appropriate, with typical motion and quorum rules applied. I'd propose an odd number of members (5-9?), from the set of those with most seniority willing to accept the duty.
  2. Defining administration and moderation roles, standards and procedures for our online groups and listservs is also of immediate, practical, and achievable importance.
  3. Both of the above would best be handled by simply using an existing standard, such that we do not have to create and maintain something custom, and we can defer authority. I recommend simply using the Occupy Movement's GA procedure as it is already known to several volunteers.
  4. Method, system and procedures for voting, weighting if any, vetting of voters, consensus building and facilitation, are also all important issues to be considered.

As a formal mission statement I propose the introduction in our About content "World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international clothing-optional bike (or other person powered) event where participants ride en masse for the dual purpose of bringing attention to people powered transport and promoting positive body image." or perhaps just our slogan "Celebrating freedom from oil and the beauty of people."


Select a model. Move to implement. Ratify.


Wikipedia article on Organizational Structures
Fairly brief summaries, but a useful intro to major distinctions.

Wikipedia article on Voting Systems
Includes basic intro to methods, issues and considerations, and weighted options.

Occupy Movement GA procedures
As used by Occupy Chicago, and familiar to several of the crew.

Break The Gridlock Bylaws
Fairly standard non-profit corporation defining document. Includes staffing, roles, election procedures and schedules, handling of common financial situations.

Burning Man's Operating Agreement
Also links to their org structure, ten principles, teams, subcommittees, etc. They appear to have a conventional board structure made up of senior participants, self electing changes, with absolute right of hiring/firing others with/without reason.

American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure
Extremely popular shorter, simpler alternative to Roberts. I own the Kindle version.

Robert's Rules of Order
The world's most popular standard for deliberative assembly. Outdated free version. Also available in summary form.


Wikipedia's moderator / admin procedures
Extremely comprehensive, including detailed sections on dispute resolution, but very content oriented.

The Admin Zone
A standard set of online forum / listserv admin / mod procedures and rules.

Pro Boards
Another standard set of online forum / listserv admin / mod procedures and rules.'s Forum Rules
Though they've never ever been enforced.


Hysterical diagram of discussion styles around the world.

Hysterical diagram of leadership styles around the world.