Body Painting Supplies

Artists planning to paint themselves or others should spend a few dozen dollars on a professional quality water based set from a major manufacturer such as Wolfe Brothers or Snazaroo or Mehron, available at good costume shops such as Fantasy HQ or on Amazon:
To reduce costs and complexity, WNBRC has increasingly been crowdsourcing body painting, where able artists are encouraged to bring their own kits, and professionals may accepts tips. Therefore the following notes should be considered archival and for reference.
  • To create a a painting area set out paints and brushes. Sometimes cheap tarps where necessary, but for best results paint where everything including tables chairs and ground may get splashed. Add stacks of paper cups, some plates, rolls of paper towel, and some water bottles.
  • Chicago settled on mostly foam brushes, from 0.5" to 3". These work well enough for broad and high volume and DIY. Altering angle with these can give any stroke width. Plus a selection of inexpensive conventional synthetic fine paintbrushes (#2-6), but good ones, not dollar store. Artists should bring their own.
  • To handle high volume, assign leaders, and define specific recommended artwork (as opposed to anything anyone wants). Hold back refill quantities of all supplies, rather than setting everything out at first.
  • In 2016 we restocked with "Handy Art Face Paint" brand which comes in in 8oz bottles available on Amazon.
  • Buying criteria: Oz per painter = Number of hours * number of paintings per hour / paintings per Oz = ( 2 hours * less than 20 paintings per hour ) / more than 10 paints per Oz = less than 4 Oz per painter.
  • In earlier years WNBRC used inexpensive "Palmers" face and body paints, formerly sold by Brody's in 2oz bottles for under $2, but they seems to be discontinued.